Renting with Caribou




Send us an email listing all of the equipment you need, and we’ll send you back a quote. Be sure to include your desired pickup and return dates. If you’re not sure what you need, feel free to ask us! A simple email is what starts the whole rental process. From this point on, we’ll walk you through the rest: fine-tuning the gear-list, insurance, billing, etc., so sit back and relax. If our quoted price is too high, let us know and we’ll work with you on getting it to a comfortable level to suit your budget.



After your rental is booked, you’ll receive detailed instructions about coming to pick up your gear on your scheduled day. We’ll also schedule your pickup appointment. All pickups can be scheduled after 2pm. This gives us time to receive the gear in the morning from another rental, check it, clean it, and prep it for your rental. At pickup, you’ll run through a detailed equipment checklist we provide. Once that’s completed and signed, you’re good to go!



On your scheduled return day, you’ll bring everything back per the instructions sent for pickup. All returns are due before 11am. This gives us time to check the gear, clean it, and prep it to go back out with another renter that afternoon. Should something be missing or broken, we’ll let you know. After that, you’re all set - rental complete!


Insurance Requirements Overview

Insurance Requirements

Insurance coverage is required for equal or greater value of the replacement cost of all rented items. Inland Marine, Equipment Floater, or a Production Package Policy is required at minimum. Make sure your coverage is adequate for all rented equipment from all combined vendors and does not have any exclusions for unlocked or unattended vehicles. Short term policies must be effective from your pickup day to your return day or longer.

No insurance? Let us know. Insurance coverage is always required when renting with us; however, there are a few cases where we can let it slide. Otherwise, we can help you get a policy.

Please name “Caribou Blue LLC” as the Certificate Holder, Loss Payee, and Additional Insured, as applicable.

Recommended Insurance Providers

Athos Insurance 716-9800

Tom C. Pickard & Co.tcpinsurance.com1-800-726-3701

Policies Overview

Pickups & Returns

For standard rentals, equipment may be picked up after 2PM on your pickup day and must be returned before 11AM on your return day. This industry standard practice allows us to receive equipment in the morning, check it, test it, and prep it to go back out on another rental later that day. Don't be late to your return! You may impede the next renter picking up and incur late fees. If you need to pick up early or return late, please arrange that with us prior to booking your rental.


Our pricing reflects the number of days you have the equipment “out” of our unreserved inventory. We follow the industry standard pricing structure of pickup and return days are free, one-day weekends, three-day weeks, and ten-day months.

For example: Pickup Monday and return Wednesday is a one-day charge. Pickup Monday and return Thursday is a two-day charge. Pickup Friday and return Monday is a one-day charge due to the one-day weekend rule. Pickup Monday and return the following Monday is a three-day charge due to the three-day week rule.


Rentals cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled pickup day are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the value of the cancelled rental. Rentals cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled pickup day are subject to a cancellation fee equal to 100% of the value of the cancelled rental. This industry standard practice discourages unmotivated reservations or reservation “hoarding”, allowing us to serve more projects intending to shoot.

Additional Services

Caribou can deliver and pickup your order.

Whether you need us to drop off your gear before a shoot, pick it up afterwards, or both, Caribou can be there. We offer flat rate pricing of $75 each way for trips under 10 miles. For longer routes, pricing varies. Please inquire.

Forgot to order something but you're already shooting? Caribou's delivery service can help.

Caribou can close late or open early for you.

Odd hours or last minute shoots are becoming more common. Whatever the reason, Caribou can be available when you need us. We offer non-business hours pickups and returns, between 5:00PM - 9:00PM and 5:30AM - 9:30AM, for an opening fee of $75.

Caribou has your back if you need help.

Not sure how something works or need help troubleshooting? Caribou offers free technical support. Call the phone number on your quotes and contracts for help with your equipment.

Need help on location? Whether you need us to walk you through some gear, troubleshoot, or swap something out, get in touch and we can help. Field support is subject to delivery fees and/or an hourly fee of $50.

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A special note about us:

We do not have a prep facility just yet. Please bear with us in the meantime - we are working extra hard toward obtaining one! We are open for business, however. Please reach out to find out how to pick up your rental.